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August 28, 2010


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We couldn't afford Mr Kiplings when I was young - the only time we had them was on the rare occasion that my dad did the shopping - he couldn't resist Mr Kiplings Fondant Fancies!!(and he never bought anything that you could construct a meal with!!). I love those bun cases - youve got me in the mood for baking now. Welcome Home by the way! xxx


Those paper cake cases are all very swish!


It's a great new series isn't it?
And the cover of the book loks pretty enticing too. As are those cake cases.
Lisa x


Those cases are from Morrisons?! I must pay a visit ...

I nearly threw cushions at the TV when watching that baking programme - love Mel & Sue & Mary Berry, but the chap ranting on about the perfect scone irritated me no end.

sippity stitch

ooh, am definately going to have to check those cases out. what a bargain! go for a second, you can never be too certain, that's my theory anyway.

sippity stitch

also, that book looks excellent. i think i get best value out of baking books.

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