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September 07, 2007



Happy Birthday to the birthday boys.
No idea about the Raclette in fact never even seen one before.


Lots of people here in france use them, they are great for small dinner parties where you all sit round with the raclette in the middle, similar to a fondue party and then you can more or less cook what ever takes your fancy. I will ask around some of the girls that use them here and get some ideas for you. Try not to feel ancient it is when he's 29 then you can feel old



I know, how did we come to have 19 year olds?! Jack is 19 on the 30th,he'll be doing his own thing too, but we might drag him out for a meal. I really like the look of the Raclette, my lot would love it I'm sure. Isn't it hard not having any spare time, like you I haven't been on the PC at all some days, I've been working tonight so am sat here in the early hours catching up with my favourite blogs.
Speak soon
Gill x
p.s Chinese, wine and DVD sounds pretty exciting to me!


Hope you're having a great family celebration today.. My husband was 43 on The 7th Sept.. are they twins?
We had a meal out on Fri eve after a 'party tea' which my girls organised for him .. so we were stuffed full that night!
Thanks for your comment


I have a Raclette, when we first moved to France we used it a lot, it is a lovely way of not having to cook. Here in France you buy Raclette Cheese and it goes in the little dishes, it is quite smelly and eventually we got sick of the smell of it. My youngest son Jack loves it though and is always saying 'can we have Raclette for dinner'.
I like the idea of cooking pizza type food in it.
I may give it another go.
Racheal x

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