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September 15, 2007



Hi Angie,
Nice to catch up with you, it seems a long time since I've had time to visit my favourite blogs. I love the Cupcake post,that's a fab website.I might make some tomorrow although our favourite cake at the moment is banana loaf, my lot can demolish one a day! There's a real touch of autumn in the air, my favourite season, trouble is I don't know what to wear 'cos it's still so warm.
Have a lovely weekend, enjoy your book. I read Eva Green a couple of years ago, I loved it.
Gill x


Oh poo. It's 11.30 at night and you've just reminded me that I've left my washing out on the line. Now I'll never be a domestic goddess.


Well I enjoy hanging the washing outside too! It comes in smelling so fresh and lovely. I really miss this simple pleasure these days, as I live in an apartment.

Enjoy your weekend

Marie x

jemima bean

LOL, I love that kitty so much! :o) And that crumbly looking cake you posted with your Ottobre...yummy. What was that??


Sounds like the perfect day to me.
Racheal x


Sounds like a perfect Saturday. You're not sad in liking to dry your washing outside. I long for an outside space so I could do the very same thing. Totally agree about Jonathan Ross. He is a very funny man and particularly so on his radio show.


In southeast Alaska where I live, we get soooo much rain, that I don't think a single person has a clothes line. I do love the idea of them, though, and if I thought I could ever get a load of wash dried before the rain hit, I'd totally have one.

And the cat picture ~ too funny! I'm glad I'm not the only one who is amused by such things!

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