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January 26, 2008



Well done on losing another pound Angie, that's the best way, slow and steady, you're more likely to keep the weight off (although you don't need me to tell you that!). It's hard to go without baked goodies isn't it,although I don't eat cakes and biscuits at home (I bake a cake at the weekend for everyone else but once they've eaten it they have to wait until Saturday again) I can't resist having a pudding at work, we have real school puds like syrup sponge/apple crumble/bread & butter pudding and they're my downfall. But that chocolate fondue looks delish, might give it a go tomorrow after Sunday lunch.Enjoy your weekend.
Gill x


Girl as I have told you I am so darn proud of you! As for the no bake goods, tell them to make them if they want them ;)

I emailed you a challenge, check it out!


Very blowy in my parts today too - and I had to spend the morning watching No.2 play football!

Well done on your continuing get-fitter-slimmer thing. x


Yay on the weight thing - good for you! Is that a WW recipe? It does look very very yummy.


Hooray on keeping the weight off--just wonderful! That chocy fondue is very tempting...Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))


Your weight loss sounds perfect, well done.


Wow you go girl...now where did I put that cake?

jemima bean

Oh I'm jealous of your pound, but I'm following slowly in your footsteps!!

I got an email from Ottobre (because I emailed them frantic that I'd run out of my subscription before the new Woman issue! LOL) and they said that the 2/2007 issue won't be mailed until the end of March!!! Since it's more of a "quarterly" thing or whatever. Dang, I was hoping for it right now too!!

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