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January 20, 2008



Wow - 13lbs already? That's fantastic! Well done you. And those invitations are lovely. Take care. x


Wow Angie, that's fantastic, well done! You've got more willpower than I have, I haven't even gone back to Sparkpeople after registering let alone tried to lose weight. Tomorrow,tomorrow.....
The wedding invitations look very stylish, I can see why you've not had time for blogging. I think everyone else is feeling a bit blah after Christmas, I know I am. I'll drop you a line this week, it's been a while. Have a good week.
Gill x


Super news on the weigth loss--so much already, that's terrific! That's a lot of inviations to ready...but they are beautiful. Have fun...((HUGS))

jemima bean

Wow, that's awesome! I'm pea green with envy (and stuffed from the chicken n'dumplin's I made for dinner, LOL.) I vow to follow suit & try to do better! You need to post more successes so I can get jealous & motivated more often! :D


wow 13lbs well done you, I think we are all a bit guilty of being preoccupied at this time of year, hopefully all our usual blogging friends will be back posting all their news before long. I hope so< I miss the gossip and all the good tips.

take care

love jules x


Wow I love what your working on and as for the weight loss...FANTASTIC!!!!

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