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March 29, 2008



Wonderful apron pattern! I bought a few from Kitchen Madonna (USA) that are so lovely (one for me, three others as gifts). This apron you've posted is so sweet!

I feel a bit addicted to the Net as well. However, if I get interrupted by life (kids, hubby, cat, pup, phone, house stuff, errands . . . ), I just sign off. IF it is too hard to sign off, you might want to set a timer. But, good luck with that. 250 blogs to read is heavy, indeed. You'll manage to balance.



I use blogland like a reward for being a good wife and mother! if there route to the computer is blocked with laundry etc or the chair is covered in papers and the cupboards are bare then i don't blog! If all is done then yes i feel justified in losing myself for an hour in blogland.It always amazes me how 'just 5 mins' turns into 50 on here!
Hope you find a balance...your tea sounds great!


It's all a question of balance I reckon, I could lose myself on t'internet every evening and all weekend too! I get all the essential jobs out of the way, knock up a cake or two, and grab an hour on the pc (like now!)
250 blogs is a lot, I have 85 at the mo. Maybe you could have a de-clutter,let go of those you're less connected to apart from mine of course :).
Cos I don't have much time for crafting I try and fit in a few hours here and there, maybe a Sunday afternoon, or have a whole day or two during the school holidays. Instead of fretting because I can't find time to craft I look on it as a little treat to do every now and then.But it's difficult I know, if only there were more hours in the day.
Have a good weekend,and enjoy the rest of the school hols (I'll email soon)
Gill xx


It's hard - I struggle too. So easy to get sucked in, but I find a few days of cold turkey is useful for putting it back into perspective.


I have a rule about blogs that I regularly read, if they have not posted within a one month period they get knocked off my list! Ruthless I know but necessary.

I do what you did today, do jobs, then read blogs! I have to say it does not always work, I get sucked in too!


I have been a bit better about scaling back on blog time recently - I was spending so much time reading what everyone else was doing I wasn't getting anything made myself! And while life went on in blogland without me, I did survive ;-)

wendy Purdy

I work full time, and my blog is my escape. I find the same though on my days off, I get sucked into blog land, and the day has gone. So I only log on when everything else has been done -- and on sunday morning! I agree with sticking to your favorite blogs,

jemima bean

I struggle with this too! I'm with Ali...cold turkey is usually the best perspective-gainer. The only bad part is once you start reading again....you quickly become hooked again!

I gave up bloglines (egads!) because I had too many feeds to keep up with. So now I just visit the blogs I link to on my blog, the old fashioned way. There's no way I'll ever sit there and click over to even 100 blogs to read. It's been a way for me to scale back at any rate.

In other news...I STILL haven't used my cuttlebug! I'm such a goober. :D

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