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March 09, 2008



I used to make zillions of cards, and then stopped. Then I had to make an Easter Card as part of Lucy Locket Recycled her Pocket's Easter Swap, and found I enjoyed it again ... so will be doing more.

Look forward to seeing the results of your Sizzix Splurge!



Hi Angie,
I used to make hundreds of cards way back when, I too have recently got back into making them again (I hate paying £3 for a mass-produced card in the shops). I'm off to google Sizzix and find out what it does...I've heard it mentioned but not sure what it does! Hope you'll show us some of your cards.I'm very naughty if I take up a new hobby,I spend a fortune on supplies and tools and often don't even use them. Looks like you'll get plenty of use out of the Sizzix, PMT or not!
Gill x


Shopping under hormonal influences - always a dangerous thing! At least steering away from clothing means fewer fashion faux pas. And you can never go wrong with crafting equipment!

jemima bean

We really are sharing a brain. (Except the PMT part, HAHA!!) I just bought a Cuttlebug and couldn't decide between the cuttlebug and the one you got. We can compare notes!


Looks great and I know just what you mean about the pleasure gained from buying supplies.
Thanks for the award and hopr you don't mind but I've tagged you over at willow house.


I know what you mean about focusing on the buying rather more than the making. I have loads of rubber stamps yet to be used. Maybe one day soon......


Just popped in from another blog, nice to find another Northern Lass. Just read through your blog it made me laugh. Love the Wedding Invites!

I'll pop back soon!


You go girl..what fun....

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