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June 21, 2008



I make Chinese Curry but I don't think it's very healthy as I buy a curry paste from the chinese supermarket, tastes just like a take-away.
By the way I see you are reading Green Grass, i read it a few years ago and really enjoyed it.


Sunday is my 'toes day' - when I change the polish on my toenails. I like to ring the changes in the summer when my toes are out on show. No.1 has now joined in the 'tradition' so we too shall be getting out the nail varnish remover, cotton wool, and nail polishes. Have fun! x


Good plan to me especially the last of of toes & magazines!

Hope you managed to achieve your to do list.

Vanessa x

Cherry Menlove

Sounds like the perfect evening. I need a mani and a pedi myself!

Cherry xoxo


LOL - I gave my feet the treatment Friday evening, since I was going to a wedding Saturday. It's a nice treat for yourself! Hope your feet are less neglected now... ;)


ooh my poor feet are very neglected right now, can't wait for a bit of spare time to give them a treat, I did manage to put a bit of polish on my toes but hope no-one looks too closely! Hope your Saturday was a good one. And thanks for visiting :)
Gill xx



just been reading your blog, i love it


ps. sorry i forgot to say, i live quite close at middlesbrough, i think Leeds is about an hours drive!


Oh, how I need a pedicure. Weeks of trundling in and out of the house and garden barefoot have not been kind to my poor tootsies ...

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