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December 14, 2008



Oh no ... poor you on the mouse front. We had them once. We got a humane trap and caught the little blighters with a bait of rice krispies! HWNLR took them to a far off field to let them go. Perhaps it's time to get another cat?!



Hello you, oh I know how you feel, we've had the little visitors a few times, even with cats (they bring them in as presents). I'm ok as long as I think they're downstairs, but the thought that they might be under my bed....eeek! it's the one time I'm relieved to find a severed head :)
Your cards are gorgeous, I was full of intentions to make some this year but as always ran out of time. I'm off to my cousins on Friday for a card making workshop so might have to make some for Christmas 2009.

Gill x

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