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January 10, 2009



Poor Mumpy chap. You though are sounding very chipper. Must be that resolution! Enjoy the magazine.


Poor chap - my goodness, I hope he gets over it quickly. When No.2 had the jab, he had a sort of mumpy reaction and his neck and face swelled up terribly :-(

Can't wait to see what you made during your crafty afternoon!



Oh dear, I do sympathise with the poor lad. I've had mumps as an adult (when I was a social worker). It was Christmas time, too, and I did my shopping as late at night as I could, with a scarf wrapped round my face. Without it, I looked like a chipmunk.


Poor boy....well, man, now :)
Make the most of the enforced days at home, good resoolution not to let the small things stress you out but, truth is, don't they just drive you mad sometimes?!
I love seeing the days getting slightly longer at this time of year, definitely puts a spring in my step!
Gill x


Oh, your poor son. Hope he's not too miserable with it.

Staying inside this afternoon sounds very sensible. It's pretty grim here, though we did get a couple of dry hours this morning - hope you did too!


Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments on my blog. I hope your son feels better soon - mumps is not very nice when you get older.

Suzie sews

Oh your poor son, hope he is better soon. Roll on spring indeed, how I long to be by the seaside. Take care of yourself.


Hope your son is on the mend.
Thanks for visiting my blog today ;-)
Hope you have a good Sunday !

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