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January 18, 2009


Rachelle Blondel

There's a place in Keighley called fabric & fents that has a range of Jersey, pretty cheap & her stock is always changing. Not too far from you. There's Abakhan as well which is always worth a visit & they sell online http://www.abakhan.co.uk/index.html
although I've never ordered from them. If I think of anymore I'll give you a shout.


Thanks Rachelle - I will check that out - I haven't been to Keighley for a few years so maybe I will take a trip there.


Wouldn't it be lovely to have some really good fabric shops. We've got a local John Lewis but it seems to have such a limited selection.


There are some wonderful fabric bargains to be had on eBay. It's a bit tedious scrolling through all the listings, but if you tailor your search term to 'cotton jersey' you might find just the thing?



I can't find nice jersey either - it's all day-glo and disgusting. May have to get white and dye it myself.


Gina - I agree, wouldn't it be heaven to have a big selection of fabrics to choose from.
Kitty - I will try ebay - thanks.
Ali - The only jersey I can find seems to be in red and navy and has been for about the last ten years!


Hmmm, dogstooth PJs ... maybe not!

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