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February 01, 2009



It really works doesn't it - I am shocked at the difference in the pattern of my days that a decent lunch has made. Hooray for eating!


Around 4pm is the time I'm most likely to reach for the chocolate, I must admit. I should try to reach for a piece of fruit instead, shouldn't I? Thanks for the inspiration. x


We've all been feeling like that at work too, I think the lack of sunshine & daylight starts to get everyone down by the end of January. I found myself falling asleep on the sofa last week even before Corrie had started! If only we could hibernate eh?! Evenings are my worst time, I pick at food, so I've been having a bowl of muesli when I get home from work (I have my main meal at lunchtime)and it takes away the urge to nibble. Mind you I haven't lost any weight yet, must try harder :)


I get extremley irritable if my blood sugar levels drop, unfortnately I'm far more inclined to reach for the quick fix of chocolate or cake rather than the oh so perfect apple.

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