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March 21, 2009



Angie - How you make me laugh!! We have all been there. I'm just a girl who can't say no - to the next glass!!! Why do we never learn? Try a nice bit of dry toast and lots of sips of water. I find fizzy mineral water good for a hangover - and Earl Grey tea - but having said that, nothing really really works. Hope it was a good party, and I hope you dont start remembering all the embarrasing things you did and said !!!!!!!! Thanks for diecting everybody across to my new blog - its great. I feel like all these lovely ladies have been dropping in for a virtual cuppa.


You're welcome on the award front Angie - thank you for dropping in so regularly and leaving such lovely comments.

I adore that egg cup - so sweet. I like the new header - it used to lilac didn't it? I'm a sucker for blues/greens/teal colours.

Hope you feel better soon - I'm off to check out your heart-shaped friend now!



You should be feeling human again by now Angie...it's good to let your hair down every now and then but I can't handle too much booze these days...little and often suits me better :)
I dread my PC going wrong, I'd be lost without it,thankfully I have a fab brother who is my pc support, I rely on him to keep me up and running!

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