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April 05, 2009



Its going to get interesting at mealtimes in the Lazylol household!!


It must be the sunshine - I've got an urge to tidy up and clear out and make things!


I'm doing exactly the same - I got a load of boxes from Ikea and am very happily filling them! I like yours though - may have to get myself down to Morrisons!
Cathy X


Me too! I'm painting a cupboard which will give me more storage space which in turn means I'll have to re-arrange the kitchen cupboards. And I've just moved my DVDs and CDs, I like that storage idea as mine are stacked up on top of each other at the mo :)
I'm on the lookout for a second freezer although I know it'll end up like yours, but I do like to take advantage of those BOGOF offers. If you freeze food in plastic bags, instead of labels you could write on the bag with a permanent marker, that's what I do.
Have a nice day.
Gill x

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