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April 12, 2009



There's been a fair anount of chocolate overlaod here today, too!


Sorry for the appalling typing, that should of course have been "amount" and "overload". Doh!


Those cakes are absolutely gorgeous - mmmmmmmm!

I didn't eat any chocolate yesterday :-O Am I the only person in the country who didn't?!

Have a lovely week. x


Those cupcakes look delicious! Have a good break.


Have a lovely break, hope you enjoy lots of walking and relaxing. Those cakes look very yummy!


Have a great break - I hope the weather holds for you.


Hope you enjoy your week away.
Love your Easter decorations, most our ours didn't make it out of storage this year.
I was given the 'call the Midwife' book for Christmas but haven't read it yet. Is it good?
Thank you for popping over and leaving a message on my blog. To have been so close to David Essex and those dazzling blue eyes, lucky you!
I did enjoy the show, but then I would probably love anything he's in. It did receive a very good review in our local paper as well. Hope you enjoy it too if you do decide to go.


A cream egg for breakfast sounds like heaven to me!

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