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February 22, 2010



Hi Angie, I'm not a soap fan, but am totally addicted to Come Dine with me - especially to iron to on a dull Sunday afternoon! I like Larkrise, and Shameless!!, but I do find it too much like some peoples "real life" sometimes. I am addicted to any programme where we go looking for a new house for someone - Relocation, Build a new life in the Country/Seaside/abroad etc


I would have helped with the buns, I have zilch will power and so wouldn't given up anything sweet!
Lisa x


Hi Angie,

I can't find the Fairy Liquid original bottles anywhere, who'd have thought they would make us feel so nostalgic!
Not a big Eastenders fan these days, I'm a big Corrie follower though.I'm off work at the moment and discovered a new programme, 2pm ITV, May the Best House Win...you'd love it, four people show off their houses to each other and rate them. The winner gets £1,000.Complusive viewing as they all think their house is the best :)
Gill x

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