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July 07, 2010



Oh yes, posters first - of course!

Congrats on the driving. I am a total scaredy cat in a car. The one time I've driven across the Queen Elizabeth bridge at Dartford on the M25 I seriously thought I was going to have to pull over and throw up. In the end my daughter did that for me about 10 miles further on :-(


Yes I love driving too but not brave enough to drive in London which is only up the road from me! Well done on facing your fear. Love that house, it would be my dream house. I wonder how it will look in a few months?!
Gill x


You are much braver than me. I just can't do motorways they scare the pants off me!
Lovely,lovely house, hope the move goes well.
Lisa x


I used to have a job that meant driving up and down the country. Yhe only place I hated driving was Leeds! So you are not on your own! I was ok going through Leeds one way, but coming back, I always ended up in the railway station! Great house - I agree - totally wasted on students (but great posters!)


I have driven through Leeds (and London) but only once! My girl was at uni there, too. I remember the halls of residence and then the big move into the shared house in Headingley. Happy days.

sippity stitch

we're just new to the UK and I think you are pretty damn brave driving around here full stop! let alone the way too skinny little streets that i guess you might find in leeds!
We're here on a working holiday, and some of my friends are focused more on working their way around as many pubs as possible. Exactly the same though crosses my mind re: the steep stairs.

suzie sews

Hows typepad treating you as YOUR new home. Lovely to catch up with you and thank you for welcoming me back into blogland:)

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