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June 26, 2011



Sorry to hear you're having a rough time - but I'm glad your doctor is taking your health seriously. It will turn out to be nothing physical, I'm sure, but better to be safe than sorry (and I speak as someone who had an investigative procedure for tummy related stuff last year and was very relieved to get the all clear for nasties - I still have the symptoms but I can manage those!)

And as for Dr Google, when are they going to strike him off for incorrect diagnosis?!


Sorry to hear things have been getting you down.
It's so easily done when you're worried to let your imagine run away with you, but you've done the sensible thing of going to the doctors and getting some tests sorted.
Take care
Lisa x


You and me both Ang! Its not worth it!! Focus on those fab 6 weeks off! xxxxxxxxx


You'll soon have a nice long break Angie, bet you feel much better once you've stopped work for a while. 2 more weeks for me, like you I just don't have any time to do anything,it'll be nice to stop for a while. Take care x


Hope you get things sorted and feel a lot better soon. Take care.

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