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November 06, 2011



I think kids get very bad press these days and the majority are really lovely - just the odd ones are gits, and they spoil it for the rest. We had loads of trick or treaters too. xxxx


I think all your cakes looked fab. Hope you raised lots of money for the school.
Lisa x


Love those cupcakes!


We had the best Halloween so far - I convinced my children to dress up but stay at home to give out treats, because if we all go out, who is left at home handing out the sweeties? That's my story, anyway. I think we must have had about the same number of visitors as you did - certainly at one point we were having the doorbell going every couple of minutes which is remarkable in such a small village!


I was so pleased to find you still here blogging, I've just started a new blog and am looking up all my old blogging friends from the Willow House blog.
Love the Halloween cakes.


For what it's worth, I think those scary face cakes of yours were fine! I bet they tasted lovely. :) x

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