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January 02, 2012



LOL. I'm right there with you Angie! That's a good goal list and a smart plan. I'm stealing it. I like the "exercise every day, even for just 10 min". I have 2 flights of stairs outside my classroom. I'm going to start walking up and down the stairs after work. I think I'll start with 3 times. It might kill me. :D


My oh my that brekkie looks delish. Wish you well with your weight loss plan.Happy new year.
Lisa x


Happy New Year Angie! Yep I want to lose weight too, but no diets, just need to cut out the rubbish food! I've started walking everyday over the Christmas and am determined to keep it up. Not sure whether to start blogging again, it's been so long......but I do miss it. Back to work tomorrow so making the most of my last day off :(

Gill xx


Happy 2012 to you, too.


Then roll on Easter I say! Good luck with the weight loss / diet, I've found that mucking out 5 horses solves all weight issues and as an extra bonus enables one to eat whatever one likes. But of course it's awfully hard work!
Happy New Year.


My new year's resolution is to lose weight too. Making the goal specific i think will help us focus. For example, exercise 3 days a week to lose weight. Drink at least 8 glass water per day.. What do u think? All the best to u in 2012.

Honeybee from www.healthybeautifulblog.blogspot.com

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