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February 16, 2013



Feeling good on the side and out!
Enjoy half term.
Lisa x


I love porridge. In fact, it's so wretchedly cold here (old house, rubbish heating) that I might make a bowl right now.


I've been eating rather a lot of porridge recently, usually with grated apple and/or blueberries. Had a bowl of it for lunch the other day!


dotty - porridge does the trick for warming you up, i always think of the ready break advert from the 80's with the orange line around the body :)

Liz - I like those flavours too. Ohh now I fancy some with grated apple, I haven't had that for ages.


Yum, I love raspberries in porridge! Can't beat a good lathering of body butter, I used to work for the Body Shop so have the most ridiculously huge collection...it's the one thing I'll always re-buy though! Hope you enjoyed the coast x

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