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August 15, 2013



What a wonderful way to spend your summer.
Breakfast outdoors is such a great way to start the day, especially if it's by the seaside too.
Both breakfasts look good and the bacon rolls have got me drooling over my Weetabix, I feel a weekend treat coming on!

The Vintage Kitten

Your 'Days by the Sea' look wonderful. Ooh, and your Bacon Buns look yummy too!


The bacons rolls were delicious and I've had a full english this morning but I am on my last few days of treats before the diet starts again! (that's my excuse lol )

Sharon Pickles

What a lovely beach and how wonderful to be by the sea - I find the sea is good for the soul, especially in Conrwall. Lovely to have found you. Galx


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